A Spring of Hope Student Philanthropy Challenge | Help bring water to impoverished rural schools. Gife Life. Give Hope. Give Water.
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Student Philanthropy – Learning to Give

A Spring of Hope is thrilled to announce the winners for our Student Philanthropy Challenge. We are deeply grateful to Emily Cupo and Elona Hoffeld for their dedication to improving the lives of South African children and for their fundraising efforts. The challenge raised money to drill a well at Mothaileng Primary School (where we hit water!) and each participant has won a 10-day, all-expenses-paid trip to South Africa.

Sincere thanks to our challenge sponsor, South African Airways, who provided air travel for the winners. Accommodations are compliments of ASoH partner lodge, Thulani.

Congratulations to you both and we hope you enjoy your trip and fall in love with South Africa like Joanne and Brittany did. We also hope you continue caring about philanthropy and continue to encourage others to get involved as well! Ubuntu!


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We encourage you to share your ideas and your progress with other students!

Give Life. Give Hope. Give Water.


The top fundraising student along with a parents or guardian and teacher will be flown to South Africa the summer of 2016. They will get to see the well and garden they helped build at Mothaileng Primary School and also witness the mesmerizing and exciting beauty of the South African bush.

This is an incredible opportunity to teach our children the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. Through this challenge students in the US can experience another culture and connect with similar age learners in rural communities in South Africa.

ASoH is delighted to work with South African Airways bringing this incredible opportunity for students
in education, humility, and the spirit of Ubuntu.


About A Spring of Hope

A Spring of Hope (ASoH) is a non-­profit organization that provides schools in South Africa with sustainable water sources for drinking, sanitation, irrigation, and food preparation to improve health conditions, combat poverty, promote education and create self‐sustainability within each of its partner schools. Through partnerships, A Spring of Hope strives for the long-term success of each school through increased school attendance, graduation rates, and community involvement.

The founder of ASoH, Brittany Young was just 14 years old when she started ASoH with a group of high school friends. Since 2005, ASoH has built over 30 wells and gardens at rural schools.

Mothaileng Primary School

Violetbank G, Casteel Circuit


Mothaileng Primary was founded in 2010 and currently has 281 learners. Initially they were granted three classrooms by the government. Seeing that this was inadequate, a local business donated 8 mobile classroooms. However the school grounds are woefully inadequate in many other areas. There is no borehole on site. Water is supplied by paid delivery via truck every Monday, which fills a tank on the grounds. This water, used for cooking, drinking, and hand-washing, barely lasts the week. Sanitation facilities are poor and in disrepair – three dilapidated shacks with unsanitary pit toilets. The doors are broken or do not close, and the children resort to using the bushes around the school as toilets. The kitchen is very basic; just a store room and an open fire for cooking. They are valiantly trying to maintain a garden, but it is a struggle due to the insufficient water supply. Additionally, the garden fence is broken, leaving the vegetables and plants vulnerable to animals and theft.


  • A borehole is needed to secure sustainable water supply.
  • They desperately need new sanitation facilities, as well as demolition and clean-up of the old pit toilets at the site.
  • With water and a new fence, their garden could flourish. The staff is already attempting to use permaculture methods and is very enthusiastic at the prospect of attending workshops which will help them fully understand and implement the principles.


  • Drill a borehole and supply the necessary equipment and piping to provide sufficient water to the needed areas. Put a maintenance plan in place for the upkeep of the system.
  • Establish a sustainable vegetable and fruit garden, provided with the necessary equipment and skills. The garden will be maintained by designated volunteers and supported by enthusiastic learners who will also learn a skill to execute at home, through the guidance of A Spring of Hope.
  • Install waterless toilets for learners and staff.
  • Upgrade and improve the kitchen area to save energy and make it more functional.



The principle of caring for each other’s well being through mutual support.

Ubuntu means that people are people through other people.

A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, based from a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.

Desmond Tutu

Team up with us!

Thank you so very much for considering teaming up with South African Airways and A Spring of Hope to help bring life saving water to students.