A Spring of Hope Student Philanthropy Challenge | Fundraising Ideas
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Fundraising Ideas

On this page you will find suggestions to spark your fundraising ideas, but don’t be afraid to get creative! In the past, A Spring of Hope school chapters have teamed up with local businesses to collect a percentage of sales, they have held bake sales and walk-a-thons, raised donations from friends and family, collected change in buckets, and even sponsored a toilet queue to raise awareness about the global sanitation crisis.

On the Resources page, you will find graphics and information that you can share online, download, and print out for your displays and events. Like our Student Philanthropy Facebook Page and share your ideas and the results of your efforts with other students. Have fun knowing that the ultimate reward is more than just a trip, it is bringing water to less fortunate children at Mothaileng Primary School in South Africa. PRACTICE UBUNTU!


  1. Dress Down at Work or School – talk to your supervisor, boss or  teacher to organize a dress-down day each week or month. For a donation, give the option for participants to dress casually for the day! For example, if you are a part of a high school that requires uniforms to be worn, organize a meeting with your principal and ask to plan one day of the school year to be designated as “A Spring of Hope Day,” where students and faculty would be allowed to dress out of uniform for a small price, which will be collected.
  2. Bag Groceries – Ask your local grocer whether they’d allow you to help customers bag/box groceries in exchange for a donation.
  3. Bingo – Host a bingo night at home, school or at your local hall!
  4. Games Night – Organize a Monopoly, Halo, Jenga, Trivial Pursuit or other board game night. Invite individuals or teams to participate for a donation.
  5. Petting Zoo – Do you have a lot of pets or live near a farm? Organize a petting-zoo for local kids and families!
  6. Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race – Create a route, clues and a list of items, tasks or games for participants to collect. Individuals or teams can join for a fee – with the winning team receiving a prize!
  7. Dance – Create the ultimate i-Pod dance list or hire a DJ or band, sell tickets, organize a few games and dance the night away!
  8. Comedy Night – Think you’re funny? Gather a group of friends or local talent for a night of laughs and charge a fee to attend.
  9. Art Sale – Contact local artists (painters, crafters, photographers, etc.) to donate some of their work to be displayed and sold to the public.
  10. Cake-Decorating Contest – See who can create the most amazing cake! Charge a fee to participate with prizes for the best designs.
  11. Karaoke – Rent or borrow a karaoke machine at your school or a local restaurant or pub. Sell tickets or charge admission and warm up those vocal chords!
  12. Pet Care – Offer to walk the dogs on your street in the evening or on weekends, bathe them or take them to the park for a small fee.
  13. Gift Pledge – We are all incredibly fortunate to receive gifts on birthdays and holidays. Millions of children across Africa will never even experience receiving a pair of shoes. To put a smile on an African student’s face, have students ask parents to donate $20 to A Spring of Hope in lieu of ONE birthday or holiday gift.
  14. One Day Without Water – Have your school go ONE DAY without water. Students and faculty will have to bring bottles of water to school to drink and wash hands. Though this commitment seems like an obstacle, it is designed to raise awareness of what millions of African students and teachers must face every day. Collect pledges from family and friends.


Walk, run, skip, spin, ski, skate, swim rollerblade, dance, yoga… you get the idea! Use your favorite sport or activity to collect donations and pledges. For example, include your community in a walk-a-thon to benefit the children in Africa. Each step representing the miles walked by the average African to retrieve water, a Walk-a-thon is an excellent way to raise awareness and funds. If the event event is on campus, have the participants keep track of their number of laps on a card. Have a friend DJ and give out prizes to those who walk more than so many laps.


Organize a spelling, geography, math, chemistry or other specialized subject bee. Create a list of words or equations of increasing difficulty and collect donations from participants and spectators.


Whether it’s your school band, dance class or choir, a group of friends or local talent – donate your time by performing a benefit concert! Have your school band or a friend’s band put on a show after school or during the weekend. Recruit all of your friends to prepare food and decorate your venue of choice. Be creative and have fun!

Past Student Fundraising Displays