2019 World Water Day Sit Up Challenge

Take the Challenge

In celebration of World Water Day we are hosting a physical challenge to celebrate the gift of water and the nourishment it gives to our bodies and minds. Help us bring lifesaving water to young learners in South Africa by making a pledge! Take the challenge, pledge an amount, and set a goal. Work each day towards reaching your goal and share updates with us and other participants using the hashtag #situpsforwater then celebrate with us at the end of the month! We will send you a patch to commemorate your goal and your donation to A Spring of Hope!

Pledge An Amount

You can pledge any amount for this challenge. Particpants who donate $20 receive a virtual badge to commemorate your completed goal. Donations of $30 receive a physical patch as a keepsake of the completed challenge.

Set a Goal

Set a goal of 1500 (50 per day), 3000 (100 per day), 6000 (200 per day) or more situps to complete over the month of March. To complete your monthly goal set an amount you would like to complete each day.

Share updates with us and other participants using the hashtag


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