A Spring of Hope Permaculture Centre

Supporting The Local Community With Permaculture and More

A Spring of Hope hired Rammteck to design and build A Spring of Hope’s Permaculture Center. Rammteck is a South AFrican company which hires locally and trains community members, which contributes to job creation and skill development. Our facilities were designed to preserve the African style of design to preserve the African style of design while incorporating sustainable methodologies. Rammteck achieves this by using rammed earth technology which uses local materials and has a small environmental footprint. The technique of rammed-earth creates walls using a mixture of silt/clay and the sand and soil that has been extracted from the property and repeatedly ramming the mixture into place between flat panels called framework. Along with our community building, Rammteck has built our outdoor classroom, groundskeeper’s cottage, and our restrooms using rammed-earth.

The community building has classrooms, a prep kitchen, conference room, and offices. We will be introducing and hosting programs such as our Girls’ Club, Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Development Program, cooking classes, and permaculture workshops at our Permaculture Center. Community members are welcome to come and learn about permaculture from our gardens and ask for advice in creating their own home gardens. We look to create greater access to affordable healthy foods and this starts with teaching individuals how to create their own successful gardens. Manager, Leanette Sithole, is highly experienced and educated in permaculture and will be on site to provide support. We hope to create a seed library for community members to have easy access to seeds and to learn how to grow and care for young seedlings which will also reduce the cost for someone starting their own garden.

We already have a thriving community garden that not only helps to educate the community on permaculture techniques but it also helps provide fresh fruits and vegetables to those most in need in the community.