Catching Up with Leanette

Today I had the privilege of catching up with Leanette, our amazing Permaculture Manager. Leanette has been working very hard in the permaculture garden at the ASoH Centre. The garden is coming along very nicely and had its first harvest in December. The garden is small as Leanette says that one of the very important permaculture principles is to start small. The team has planted different types of herbs and vegetables such as thyme, rosemary, mint, sage, parsley, basil, tarragon, red cabbage, beetroot, red onion, carrots, peppers, lettuce, and tomatoes. Leanette has also planted edible flowers including nasturtiums and wild rocket, which are nutritious and are packed with flavor.

Leanette is excited to have had planted moringa trees in the garden which contain a variety of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Moringa trees are known by several different names including “drumstick tree”, “miracle tree”, and “tree of life” and it has also been named the world’s new superfood in 2018. The tree contains phytochemicals and antioxidants which can help reduce chronic inflammation. The plant has the potential to treat both malnutrition and obesity, which in areas like Limpopo are vital as nutritious foods are expensive and processed foods are always available in excess.

Along with selling our harvests to the community, Leanette said they have also been selling to Thulani Private Lodge so that our private chef can cook with fresh organic vegetables and fruit. Leanette has big plans for the garden as she hopes to supply many lodges, shops, communities and schools with the centre’s vegetables and herbs. As Leanette continues to expand the garden, she will be implementing permaculture techniques such as mulching and intercropping. 2019 is off to a great start for our garden and our team in South Africa. We can not wait to see the garden grow and thrive.

Thank you Leanette!!