Steven & Gina’s Wedding

Thank you so much for celebrating Steven & Gina’s wedding by making a donation to A Spring of Hope! In addition to the water, sanitation, and permaculture solutions A Spring of Hope provides to schools in impoverished rural communities in South Africa, we are also seeking to supply propane tanks and burners in the kitchens for the “lunch moms” at our partner schools. These dedicated women wake up at four in the morning, walk a long distance to school, harvest wood, and start a fire, which needs to burn throughout the morning to cook the daily pap meal (maize). By improving the conditions of their kitchens we can help these women spend more time with their family and less time hauling wood, standing over large fires, and inhaling smoke. Many thanks!

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According to a recent New York Times article “… ailments related to smoke from cooking, including cataracts, heart disease and respiratory ailments that, in many countries, kill more people than malaria, H.I.V. and tuberculosis combined. Worldwide, close to 4 million people die prematurely each year from ailments linked to air pollution from cooking, according to the World Health Organization.”