Please make a donation to our Strong Girls Make Strong Women campaign and help us in supporting young women in Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

This campaign is focused on providing opportunities for young women at our partner schools, ASoH is doing this by holding a club for learners to connect with each other and discuss issues that are absent from school curriculum but very much important to build confidence and strengthen career planning among young women.

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Last year we piloted our Strong Girls Make Strong Women club at our partner school, Ntsoelemolodi Primary School. Ntsoelemolodi Primary School is located in Shatale, an extremely rural area in South Africa. Girls and young women are vulnerable in this community and often miss school due to responsibilities at home and a lack of resources. The school’s principal, Nomsa, wanted to introduce the club to her older learners to help them with their transition from primary to secondary school, addressing issues like puberty, teenage pregnancy, goal setting, and barriers to furthering education. Nomsa facilitated the club every week, working with learners on topics often not covered in their life skills class. We surveyed the learners on various lessons and received feedback from learners and their teachers. The club has proven successful and older learners who graduated primary school and went on to high school are doing extremely well. Nomsa noticed a new confidence within the girls. The learners in the club have also created a sense of community, encouraging and supporting each other.

We are excited to be expanding this program to two of our partner high schools. We hope to introduce the program this April to Nkotobona High School and Sehlakabje High School. In addition to the club we will also be providing menstrual supplies and education to these two schools. We have partnered with Mina Cup, a local company in South Africa which produces reusable menstrual cups. They also have a program for schools were they distribute cups during a four hour long workshop about the cups, puberty, healthy relationships, and safe sex. They provide support to female learners who may have concerns or difficulties with the cups. With such a thorough approach that focuses on relating to girls and their daily needs, we hope to have a hundred percent success rate with the menstrual cups.

As our program grows we will be introducing the club and Mina Cup to several more primary and high schools. We will also host a club at our Permaculture Centre which will welcome both girls and boys from the surrounding communities.