Thank you for joining the A Drop in the Bucket Program!

Here you will find background information on the schools in our program. Your donations will be applied towards these needs, and will help make them more vibrant learning centers. Imagine for a moment, attending a school at which you can’t easily get a drink of water at the fountain, or that doesn’t have a modern kitchen or proper toilets! It would be a very difficult environment for learning!

Water at these schools is vital to the health of the children, to keep attendance rates high, and to help the schools operate at their fullest potential. With a reliable source of drinking water and improved sanitation students can focus on their studies and school activities. The learners at our A Drop in the Bucket Schools are excited to know that their counterparts in the United States are interested in helping bring water to their school.

Tshokolo Primary School

Madile Village, Acornhoek