Each year A Spring of Hope has striven to exceed the previous year. We’ve increased the number of wells drilled per year and added additional components to our program. We’ve expanded our partnership network and held events in order to increase fundraising capabilities.


A big thank you to all of our supporters who have helped us achieve our goals for 2020! It has been a difficult year for all and we have had to find new ways to keep our projects running. With your help we have been able to not only provide food support to struggling families in our communities but we have been able to keep our WASH projects running and our permaculture gardens growing. 

A Spring of Hope has impacted over 78,000 lives in rural South Africa since its establishment in 2007. We are so very grateful to you all for supporting A Spring of Hope this past year. Your generosity helped distribute food parcels to over 600 households, plant new seedlings at our community gardens, and keep our organization running.

Permaculture Center Complete

In partnership with Rand Water Foundation, we installed Enviro Loo toilets at our partner school Nduma Primary School in Ornocco A Trust as well as at Thabong Primary School in Katjibane, Khutsong Primary School in Marapyane, Nkotolane Primary School in Mmametlhake, and Phelwane Primary School in Mmametlhake. We also completed water projects at Ntswane Secondary School and Iketleng Primary School in Hammanskraal.   

We are excited for what 2021 will bring! We will be assisting our partner schools with expanding their school gardens, introducing our Girls’ Club and Mina Cup programs to more schools, and improving sanitation facilities at our partner schools to include Enviro Loo toilets and hand washing stations. We also are looking to open A Spring of Hope’s Permaculture Centre to community programs such as our Youth Enterprise Development course! 

Thank you all for your continued support!

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