Junior Achievement and Women in Entrepreneurship Program

A Spring of Hope is committed to contribute towards reducing poverty, unemployment, economic inequalities as well as creating value and improving standards of life in rural areas through the creation and support of micro-enterprises.

Our Women in Entrepreneurship Program affords aspiring micro-entrepreneurs an opportunity to set up and  run sustainable businesses.

Acornhoeck has an
unemployment rate of 89%

The multi-pronged development approach starts with an intensive 10-day  business management and life skills boot camp. To support a directed approach to  economic success for the beneficiaries,  the training includes additional 10 days of experiential learning focusing sector technical skills aligned to 21st century workplaces.

This is followed by 3 months of individual business mentoring, incorporating business compliance, support with access to markets and business financing.

At graduation, program beneficiaries pitch their businesses to a judging panel and prizes to assist with business start-up or growth are awarded.