One of the first programs that were introduced to A Spring of Hope’s Permaculture Centre was our After School Meal Program. This program was designed to support the vulnerable children in Acornhoek, many of which are orphans or cared for by extended family. Many children in Acornhoek struggle to get the daily nutrition they need and they rely on school lunches to keep them full throughout the day. This program provides children with an additional meal after school so that they can go home, complete their homework and go to bed with a full stomach. The meals chosen for this program were approved by a nutritionist and supports the health and growth of these children. Vegetables from our permaculture garden will be used in each meal and each student will receive a piece of fruit with their meal.

In March 2022 we began the program, hosting a hundred students at the centre after school to receive a healthy delicious meal. We are excited about the program and look forward to having students at our centre everyday after school.