Global Handwashing Day!

This Global Hand Washing Day resonates with us even more this year as regular hand washing is one of the major tools we have to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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This October we are celebrating Global Hand Washing Day! This Global Hand Washing Day resonates with us even more this year as regular hand washing is one of the major tools we have to prevent the spread of COVID19. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who lack access to a reliable source of clean water. Many schools without functioning boreholes in Mpumalanga and Limpopo remain closed, and some have opened relying on hand sanitizer to keep their students safe. Now more than ever, we know how important WASH is to the health and safety of students.

After drilling our very first borehole at Beretta Primary School in 2007 we witnessed how life changing water is to schools and their students. Schools that lack a reliable source of clean water struggle to provide students with quality education and a learning environment that is safe and inspiring. With the addition of water, Beretta Primary School was able to provide better support for their students and staff, grow fresh fruits and vegetables for their school lunches, and start up various clubs for students. What is not discussed as much is how important the borehole at Beretta was to keeping students healthy and clean throughout the day. Now 13 years later, the world is facing a global pandemic and many South African schools have been shut down; however, Beretta Primary School found themselves prepared enough to reopen and welcome students back because of their stable source of water, hand washing stations, and clean and functioning waterless toilets. We wish and want for all schools to look like Beretta Primary School. Unfortunately, so many schools are struggling to keep their students safe. Some schools have reopened without proper water availability and sanitation, which puts students, their families, and staff at risk. 

We are working hard to keep our organization running, serving our communities, maintaining our projects at our partner schools, and providing permaculture lessons and garden support. With your help, A Spring of Hope can continue to serve rural schools in Mpumalanga and Limpopo, drilling water wells at schools in need and improving sanitation facilities at our partner schools.

Will you consider giving the gift of water this Global Hand Washing Day?

Our Unique Approach Makes Us Different

Of course we think we are different, and we think you will too. Watch this informative video to see what we mean.
We have touched the lives of over 70,000 individuals directly through our work in the WASH+ areas: WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene + Permaculture Education. Here are some of the highlights of what we are doing in each area.

Our Vision

We seek to combat severe poverty in rural South Africa. If rural schools have the appropriate resources to invest in their students, students can be better equipped for fulfilling employment and leadership in and out of the workplace. A Spring of Hope invests in the development of South Africa’s future leadership so that they can, in turn, address pressing problems in their communities.


The core of our program is to provide water to underprivileged schools. When schools get a reliable source of fresh, clean water the health of students improves and economic development can begin.
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Once schools have water, they can begin to cultivate gardens.  We provide them with seeds and irrigation equipment, and school staff learn how to maximize resources through our permaculture program.
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Most rural schools only have crude, unhygienic pit toilets which spread disease. Because water tends to be scarce in this region, environmentally-friendly waterless toilets are the best solution.
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Safer Kitchens

By improving the conditions of our partner school kitchens for the volunteers who prepare the meals, we create a healthier work environment and eliminate the time spent hauling wood and standing over large fires inhaling smoke.
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Girls Programs

Our Strong Girls Make Strong Women campaign helps empower young women by offering them the resources they need to stay in school, teaching life skills, setting S.M.A.R.T goals, and providing them with menstrual health products.
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Junior Acheivement

In order to address the massive challenge of youth unemployment in South Africa, A Spring of Hope partnered with Junior Achievement to teach young people about the management of economics, business, entrepreneurship and personal finances.
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A Spring of Hope is proud to work with several organizations who are equally as committed to stimulating economic development in impoverished rural South African communities and improving the lives of South African school children.

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Use Giving Assistant to donate to us while you shop! It’s easy: Giving Assistant helps you donate a percentage of your cash back earnings to us with every purchase you make at 2510+ popular online retailers. You’ll also find useful Best Buy Coupons, as well as big savings at places like JC Penney, Sears and Target!

Permaculture Centre Progress

Thanks to our generous supporters we have reached our goal.

We raised enough for the construction of the centre and broke ground on July 2018. Since then, we have made significant progress. The sanitation buildings are complete and the outdoor classroom is also finished, with the first permaculture classes held in the fall of 2019. The construction of the main centre is underway and security cottage will be starting soon. The netting is finished for our permaculture gardens and we have been harvesting vegetables for our partner lodge, Thulani.