‘Tis The Season’ in South Africa!

Happy holidays and a happy New Year!

Our team in South Africa have been spending this time with family and friends, appreciating each other, sharing laughs, and making memories.

Our permaculture manager Trygive spends this time reflecting on the past year and all of his and his family’s accomplishments. On Christmas his family gathers together, “many fathers, many brothers” and they share a special tradition of updating the family on their lives. They go around a circle and answer a very special question, “what have you done this past year that would make you president of the family”. After everyone shares, they ask one of the young boys to speak and share a lesson. They then ask all of the kids to run home and put on their new clothes so that everyone can come together dancing and celebrating Christmas.

We are all excited for the new year and what it will bring for our team. Trygive is most excited for our outdoor classrooms at our centre to be completed and utilized. He can not wait to begin bringing the community to the centre and teaching lessons on permaculture and water conservation!

We would like to thank everyone for their support over the past year. We are very thankful for the continued support that has helped us bring WASH+ programs to over forty partner schools in the Limopop/Mpumalanga area. 2019 is a big year for A Spring of Hope and we are very excited to update you on all of our developments!