Find Out What’s New with A Spring of Hope

We have been busy with projects at our Permaculture Center, partner schools, and community gardens and we are excited to share our progress.

Our Permaculture Programs Are Thriving

During the SA school break we focused on completing garden projects at Omega’s Community Garden and Xihlovo Creche.

Omega and his community have created an amazing garden that is supporting 17 community members who tend the garden and take home harvests. The garden is also selling surplus crops which not only helps to sustain the garden but it also improves the accessibility of nutritious foods throughout the village.

We teamed up with Africa Foundation to start a vegetable garden at Xihlovo Creche and host a series of permaculture workshops for the community and school staff. Our workshops were a huge success. The garden is beautiful and soon enough they will have fresh fruits and vegetables to cook for their young learners. Community members have also taken interest in our workshops and we are already seeing home gardens popping up in the area.

We are also hard at work on the school gardens at our partner schools. We are getting ready to host permaculture workshops at Saile Primary School and Morei Primary School. We are also installing net shading and assisting both schools with their garden design. These gardens will provide students with healthy produce for their school lunches along with creating a source of income to help pay for future garden supplies and school materials.

We Are Bringing Our Girls’ Club & Mina Cup Programs To Beretta Primary School

This past April we hosted our first Mina Cup workshops for the students at Mmasekobe Secondary School and Ntsoelemolodi Primary School. We also celebrated Menstrual Hygiene Day in May by hosting a second workshop at Mmasekobe and Ntsoelemoldi, ensuring all learners received Mina Cups. With the success of these workshops we are excited to expand our outreach and introduce the program to our flagship school, Beretta Primary School.

We have also started a Girls’ Club at Beretta Primary School which will be led by Madame Hlatshwayo, a Life Skills teacher at Beretta. The club will be meeting once a week at our Permaculture Center starting this September.

‘A Drop In The Bucket’ Is A Great Opportunity For Teachers & Students

As teachers and students are getting ready to return to school we want to share our ‘A Drop In The Bucket’ program with elementary schools! ‘A Drop In The Bucket’ offers a real life and philanthropic connection to your class’s environmental science curriculum. This program was created to teach elementary students in third and fourth grade about the World Water Crisis while raising funds for a school in rural South Africa. We provide schools in the US with a workbook, suggested curriculum, and a storybook for students to read with their teachers and to keep in their classroom.

This year our ‘Drop In The Bucket’ fundraising portion of this program is focused on sponsoring sustainable gardens and permaculture workshops for our partner schools in rural South Africa.

Interested in participating in our ‘Drop In The Bucket’ this year?

Contact Emily to signup,

Will You Support Our WASH+ Projects At Our Partner Schools?

Every donation helps us bring WASH+ solutions to our partner schools. This includes, clean water, improved sanitation, sustainable gardens, safer kitchens, and female empowerment programs!