A Drop in the Bucket Program

A Spring of Hope has a program and curriculum for elementary schools in the United States, called ‘Drop In The Bucket’. This program was created to teach elementary students in third and fourth grade about the World Water Crisis while raising funds for a school in rural South Africa. A Spring of Hope provides schools in the US with a workbook, suggested curriculum, and a storybook for students to read with their teachers and keep in their classroom. A Spring of Hope will also provide each school with information and pictures of the South African school they are raising funds for. Recently, we have introduced a letter exchange program for your students to write to the students they are helping in South Africa. We will send your students’ letters to our team in South Africa who will distribute them to the students at your sister school. The students will write back to your students’ letters and we will share with your students! For more information on “A Drop in the Bucket”, click here.

'I can’t say enough about A Spring of Hope! They are dramatically changing children’s lives for the better in South Africa. For 3 years, my third grade students have participated in the ‘Drop in the Bucket’ program, donating their dollars, or any spare change that they can, to help bring clean water to children halfway around the world. The message my kids learn through all of this is that 8 and 9 year-olds can make a difference - and A Spring of Hope keeps in touch with us long after they receive our donations. We get ongoing emails & photos of the children at the school we sponsor as they experience the new well and clean water for the first time. My students have also corresponded through emails back & forth with the students there, benefiting from this personal connection, as well. It’s a truly gratifying experience for my kids, to see first-hand the difference they can make!'

– Lynn Scheckenbach, Bridle Path Elementary

This program provides your students with a real life example of the importance of water conservation, sustainable agriculture, and sanitation in communities most vulnerable to climate change.

For more information on the A Drop in the Bucket Program, download our information packet.

Permaculture Guest Lectures

A Spring of Hope has a new educational program that is focused on teaching the importance of permaculture and how this gardening technique can be used as a means of food security in regions all over the world. Our permaculture guest lectures are available to high school sustainability, environmental science, and global studies classes along with community clubs interested in permaculture/gardening. Your class/club would be paired with one of our partner schools in need of garden support. Our Permaculture Educator and Program Director will host virtual lectures on the importance of permaculture and the permaculture techniques that are used at our schools and home gardens. Our team will work with you to plan lectures or mini lessons that are best geared towards your lesson plan or interests.

Are you a student and want to help out? Start a chapter!

Whether you are a middle school, high school, or college student, you can make a difference! Register your school here to begin working with us directly on your school chapter of ASOH. Chapters operate as hubs where students can learn about our cause and become familiar with professional careers in nonprofits. Adopt a school in Sub-Saharan Africa and provide thousands of students with clean drinking water through this intimate fundraising project. OR…

Contact us at and ask about screening the documentary, “Water,” at your school. You can sell t-shirts at your event, distribute information about A Spring of Hope and the world water crisis, and ultimately impact another’s life. Click to Download all of our information on starting your own chapter of A Spring of Hope at your school.