Wayde Murray Gives a Helping Hand

A new year asks for a full technical assessment on all the borehole work done so far by ASoH. Local constructor/electrician/borehole-specialist Wayde Murray was introduced to A Spring of Hope members in the area through shared contacts. Wayde has built several beautiful homes and lodges and has worked on many succesful landscaping and landscape rehabilitation projects with his company Down 2 Earth Projects.

Andrew, the ASoH borehole installer, Kim and Wayde had a lovely meeting and shared ideas and suggestions for current and future projects. To ensure that we can get the most out of our investments Wayde suggested we assess whether every single borehole installation that has been installed so far is up to the same standard, has up-to-date security measures, and runs smoothly to ensure the lifespan of the pump and other electrical/machine parts.

A fruitful day was spent in the rural communities, visiting six of our partner schools. Wayde and Andrew completed detailed assessments on all six boreholes, installations, tanks and tank stands. A technical report of each of these six schools will give us a complete description of our priorities and needs. For Andrew this day with Wayde was a dream come true. He was taught many new skills and with the help of Wayde he will be able to expand his electrical knowledge and future job security.

A Spring of Hope would like to thank Wayde for his time and effort. We appreciate everything he has done for our organization and we hope to continue working together in the future.


Special thanks to Annekim Geerdes for this update.