Thank You for an Incredible Year!

We’ve made so much progress thanks to our donors and partners!

We’ve drilled more wells, built sanitation facilities for multiple schools, worked on expanding our permaculture program to provide nutritious lunches and resources to our partner schools. We’ve held contests at the schools for sanitation and permaculture, and we awarded two fantastic trips to South Africa to our Student Philanthropy Challenge winners.

Student Philanthropy Challenge Winners

Our challenge winners, Emily Cupo and Elona Hoffeld, visited South Africa during the summer of 2016. Each winner received a 10-day, all-expenses paid trip to South Africa, with air travel provided by Challenge sponsor South African Airways and lodging courtesy of ASoH partner lodge, Thulani.  A Spring of Hope was thrilled to offer this special opportunity to experience the magic of South Africa, as well as a chance to see the struggles of rural South Africans and how the actions of the Challenge winners directly have an impact on the lives of others. It was a very powerful and moving experience for both Elona and Emily.


Successful Sanitation Projects

In 2016, with the help of partners Rand Water Foundation and ERM Group Foundation, A Spring of Hope installed waterless sanitation facilities at Kahlela Primary, Mugidi Primary, and Nyamande High School. Improving sanitation at schools also improves educational outcomes, as it decreases the spread of disease through better hygiene, provides a safer environment, and promotes a sense of dignity in children and school staff. In addition, the waterless technology preserves resources in an area where water is scarce and needed for drinking and agriculture, particularly in this time of prolonged drought.


Flourishing Gardens

In 2016 we saw our permaculture program expand and gave multiple classes to help our schools maximize the yield from their gardens and conserve precious water in the face of the ongoing, serious drought being experienced in South Africa.  Our programs are specifically designed to start each school down a path to self-sustainability and watching them come to fruition fills our hearts with pride at the dedication of our staff, the school staff, the volunteers, and the children.


And Of Course, More Wells

A total of 9 schools were drilled in 2016, many lives were changed and water has brought a big difference to the lives of the learners, teachers and community members.

Orvehalani High School, Thulamahashe
Hlavathi Primary School, MP Stream
Brian Kajengo Community Centre, Violet Bank
Lehlogonolo Primary School, Boikhutso
Mothaileng Primary School, Casteel
Masweng Primary School, Cottondale
Educare Pre School, Casteel
Trygive Community Centre, Rooiboklaagte
Kahlela Primary, Hluvukani


In 2017, we look forward to continuing to build on the progress we have made over the past decade. We hope you will join us! Ubuntu!