Our Programs Are Growing & Thriving!

Every Learner Deserves To Feel Comfortable & Confident In School

We introduced our Mina Cup program to learners at Ntsoelemolodi Primary School and Mmasekobe Secondary School this past April. This program is focused on providing learners with a sustainable and safe solution to period poverty. Learners at our partner schools often are unable to afford period products resulting in missed school or using unsafe materials during their periods. Mina Cups are reusable menstrual hygiene cups that are easy to use, easy to clean, and can be reused for up to five years.

Our Mina Cup Mentors ran a workshop at Mmasekobe Secondary School, they shared information about periods and menstrual hygiene cups, and distributed the cups to all in attendance.

Teachers and learners from both schools loved the workshop and teachers were excited that their learners were gaining greater knowledge and support surrounding their menstrual health.

Stay tuned as we get ready to celebrate our Mina Program and continue our mission to combat period poverty on
Menstrual Hygiene Day, May 28th!

We Have Been Busy In Our Gardens

Leanette has been working in the centre to prepare our gardens for winter. Leanette recently planted tomatoes, spinach, beetroot, lettuce, cabbages, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, chillies, and green peppers. Our harvests will be distributed to the community to help families who are currently struggling.

Leanette also ran a workshop at Beretta Primary School helping learners plant new seedlings and start their winter garden!

Maranatha Creche recently harvested veggies from their beautiful garden. The garden at this preschool is thriving and it supports the nutrition and growth of its young learners. Thank you Maranatha for the great work!

Our team has also been working with the Africa Foundation and Xihlovo Creche to build a beautiful permaculture garden for the school. The creche’s garden is coming along nicely and the school will soon have harvests of fresh fruits and vegetables for school lunches.

Best Of Luck To Learners

Learners at our partner schools are getting ready for their end of term exams in June. We wish them the best of luck with their exams and we look forward to working with them more when they return for their new school term.

Thank You For Your Continued Support

Donors like you make it possible for us to combat period poverty, improve food security, and continue our WASH+ programs at our partner schools.