Australian Students Visit A Spring of Hope Partner Schools

Late September, a group of dedicated students from Huntingtower School in Australia visited A Spring of Hope’s team in Acornhoek, South Africa. The students spent their time volunteering at our schools and community gardens and learning from our Permaculture expert, Trygive. They were a phenomenal team that worked hard to beautify our partner schools by painting murals and improving our permaculture gardens by installing shade nets and fences to protect our young seedlings. We had the privilege of talking with one of the young leader’s of Huntingtower, Tegan. Tegan shared her experience with us and gave us the permission to share it with all of you!

“A few weeks ago, a group of students from Huntingtower School had the privilege of working with A Spring of Hope and the inspiring and innovative vision they hold. From day one, we were met with immense enthusiasm and encouragement from their team of amazing people, who immediately lifted our spirits through dance and song, teaching us of the power of giving, whether it be on a small or large scale. Trygive taught us about permaculture. He brought us to their local garden projects and we soon learned that no matter how much space or money you had, you could easily build your own garden with no cost at all, through old tires and other reusable materials.
Through working with A Spring of Hope, we had the opportunity of going to 3 remarkable places: a community garden, Maranatha Creche and the Ekurhuleni Centre. Our experiences were filled with planting thousands of chilies, building shade sails, a fence, and painting murals. Trygive, Susan and Mother Leanette have empowered us all to become a beacon of change in the world, whether it be to make every Wednesday a giving day or to wake up and tell yourself ‘it’s a wonderful day’. The priceless experiences we had, the passionate people we met and the knowledge we’ve consumed, has left an imprint on our hearts that will forever stay there. On behalf of Huntingtower School, I would like to say thank you to A Spring of Hope for giving us the opportunity to learn about the culture of South Africa, permaculture and giving us the inspiration to make our own difference to the world as it stands today.”

Thank you so much Huntingtower for your continued support and dedication to helping A Spring of Hope achieve their mission of providing clean water, sanitation, permaculture, and health aid to schools in rural South Africa. From all A Spring of Hope’s team, UBUNTU!