Fund-Raising Updates

March was a big month for A Spring of Hope. Not only did we hold our first annual gala, The Power of Hope, on March 21, 2014 , we also conducted a fund drive on March 21 & 22 in honor of World Water Day 2014.

We are so pleased with the results of both events.

The Power of Hope

A Spring of Hope’s first annual gala was a huge success raising over $100,000. Brittany Young and South African Ambassador Rasool delivered inspiring speeches. The event was enjoyed by 175 guests.

We would like to thank the following:


Phyllis Thomas, The Thomas Family Foundation

Gold Table Sponsors

Shelley Smith; Gail Auguston-Koppen; Ed Koppen; Eliza Walbridge; The Walbridge Family Foundation; William Ezzo, and Rotary Fort Lauderdale.

Sponsors & Supporters

We also appreciate the support of our sponsors: Premier Beverage; Gary and Sher Grelick; Khaya Ndlovu; Thornybush Lodge; Tanda Tula; Royal Caribbean; Watch U Want; Artfunto; South African Airways; Jennifer Duncan with Pam Golding Properties; South African Wines, USA; Larry and Sharon Dezenzo; Leah Schmaman; American Flyers; Photo Art by Celia; Wines for Humanity; Seagate Hotel; Warren Diamond; Zak Odhwani; Neil Saffer; Dr. Jacob Steiger; Jason Derulo; Jordin Sparks; and Jason Taylor; Teresa Blumberg; and Amanda Ellison with South Africa Association of Business Communities.

The ASoH team and the children of Tsakelani Burlington Creche; The Hope School; The Amass Disable Center; Xitenga Creche; Yellow Elephant School, Maranatha Creche and Mahashe Secondary sends their heartfelt appreciation to all supporters at the Power of Hope Gala!

Thank you all for making this a spectacular success.

World Water Day 2014

The World Water Day campaign was conducted on social media, via posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. As it was primarily a mirco-giving campaign, requested donations were small, but we still ended up with over $150.00 in gifts, including money designated to purchase seed packets and irrigation supplies! Thanks to: Justin Moore, Amanda Stites, Kathryn Adams-Sloan, Amy S., Leslie Farragher-Ferguson, Carla Farragher, and three additional donors who wished to remain anonymous.

We are sincerely grateful for all donations, as even a small amount has the potential to help many. Just $3.22 supplies water to three children for their entire school career!

The Power of Hope Gallery