What Your Donations Support

May 31, 2017

Visited one of A Spring of Hope’s multi-purpose centres, New Dawn Centre, home to Katlego Creche, Mapusha Weavers and Seeds of Light Art Centre. Someone stole the electrical cables that power the borehole pump twice in the last month, so we are busy “making a plan” to modify our installation so it is more secure. The Mapusha garden is a lush food forest, there are 50 children at the Creche and more than 100 community children coming for art classes every week.

May 30, 2017
One of our creches, Xitenga, is going through a huge change and upgrade. They got approved to start an English Medium School and received Lottery funds to build it. Construction is underway and when completed in July, they will have 85 preschool learners and 158 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. It is incredible to see this happening in this very remote rural area. Well done! Here is a photo of the deputy principal in front of their new building. Development always starts with water!