Breaking Ground at Salani Primary

Our grant from Rand Water Foundation, received earlier this month, is already being used for development at our partner schools. Our first project is improving the sanitation at Salani Primary School. A Spring of Hope broke ground last week on two new toilet facilities – 6 waterless toilets for the girls and 5 waterless toilets for the boys, with a urinal.

The school has 582 learners and the current pit toilets are completely filled up and have been rendered unusable. The area will need to be cleaned up and filled in, which will also get rid of the noxious odor and the health risk. The current buildings used to house the pit toilets will be revamped and used for storage.

In addition to the replacement of the toilets, this school is also scheduled for borehole drilling during the next couple of weeks.


These is the current state of the toilet facilities at Salani. Here we see the pit toilets used by the girls.


This tree is serving as the boys “urinal” and clearly illustrates how desperately this school needs sanitation improvements.


The old, unusable pit toilets, located in front of the buildings which house the pit toilets pictured above, which are completely filled up.


Measuring the location for the new waterless toilets, just prior to breaking ground.

Stay tuned for more updates as the work at Salani Primary proceeds! And a big thank you to Rand Water Foundation for making this possible.