Student Philanthropy Challenge Winners Visit South Africa

Our challenge winners, Emily Cupo and Elona Hoffeld, visited South Africa during the summer of 2016. Each winner received a 10-day, all-expenses paid trip to South Africa, with air travel provided by Challenge sponsor South African Airways and lodging courtesy of ASoH partner lodge, Thulani.

Emily had this to say about her trip:

I've been involved with A Spring of Hope for about three years now. I am finally seeing everything that I have been teaching kids about with my own eyes and it is unbelievable. I saw today how the lack of water impacts the life of those living in Acornhoek so immensely. Seeing women walk miles with babies on their back and heavy water jugs balanced on their heads and dozens of people gathered at a community well. I know that today is just one of the many days I will have in Africa that will take my breath away and change the way I see things. Ubuntu! I am who I am because you are. Words to live by.

Elona’s visit allowed her to see first-hand how her fundraising efforts brought water to Mothaileng Primary School. The staff and children showed their gratitude with singing and dancing and spoke with her about how water affects the lives of the children and the surrounding community. Bringing water to the impoverished rural schools improves sanitation and nutrition, which benefit student performance.