Dedication Ceremony at Salani Primary School

It was a day of dancing, singing, and celebrating as learners and staff at Salani Primary School joined with partners A Spring of Hope and the Rand Water Foundation to dedicate the new Enviro-Loo facilities. As we are ever mindful of water scarcity and how precious a resource water is, we were thrilled to add an environmentally sustainable sanitation solution to our program.

Enviro-Loo Features (from the Enviro-Loo website):

  • The Enviro Loo is a “dry or waterless sanitation system”
  • This means no water is required for its operations
  • The Enviro Loo is a permanent installation
  • The design of the Enviro Loo is such that it is a self-contained, all in one unit
  • The Enviro Loo uses no chemicals and has zero environmental impact
  • There are three factors to its 100% environmental friendly credentials
  • The Enviro Loo enables the conservation of previous water resources as it uses zero water for its operation
  • The Enviro Loo has a sealed unit that captures and treats waste through the natural processes of dehydration and evaporation with no contact or contamination of the waste to either the immediate or surrounding environment
  • The Enviro Loo requires no electricity or power source to function, it utilizes wind and sun
  • The Enviro Loo system requires minimum maintenance and servicing, with minimal associated cleaning costs which are also necessary for more conventional and traditional systems

No longer will the learners and staff at Salani Primary have to deal with unhealthy pit toilets. The addition of water, gardens, and sanitation at this school will help improve the outcome for all the children at this school and it will allow them to focus more completely on their studies, as they have fresh water to drink, healthy food to eat, and clean toilet facilities.

Thank you Rand Water Foundation for supplying the funding for these important projects!

Children perform a traditional dance in celebration:

A young learner gives a presentation about the importance of water and sanitation:

See more photos from the celebration: