South Africa Trip – Third Installment

Tsakelani Creche

Our work on the ground in South Africa continues. Yesterday, we started the day visiting Tsakelani Creche in Burlington where we brought pillows, blankets and other items for the school. It was great to see they have a new roof on the creche now and Brush/Strokes, a local paint company in Hoedspruit, is donating paint for the preschool. Thank you Lizelle for your generosity! The children were happy to have their pictures taken. It always brings giggles when they see the pictures of themselves.

On our way to our next crèche, we stopped along the road to speak to 4 ladies pushing wheelbarrows with empty water jugs on their way to collect water. They said they will walk about 3 kilometers to a government tap and then back home. There is always the risk that the tap is not on or that a very long queue has already formed. Either way it was hard seeing their struggles to obtain water. We told them about the crèche, and that they should try in a couple of weeks once the pump is completed, to get water there. We enjoyed our short visit with the ladies and they cheerfully consented to a few pictures.

Burlington Creche

Our next stop was the Burlington Creche where we met Susan Maunye the assistant to the school director, Delight.

The crèche was started in 2001 by Mamsy Magopane. There are 67 learners at Burlington and 8 staff members. The school grounds are large enough to have a wonderful garden and Susan and a few of the staff were eager to show us where it will be located once they have access to a reliable source of irrigation. They currently have only a small garden. Lack of water has put the planting on hold. They already have a JoJo tank but need rain catchers for the roof. The school is charming and very well maintained with colorful artwork everywhere. They even had a Sponge Bob mural!

All the children we met were having a lot of fun playing on the swings and slides.

With the addition of water Burlington Crèche is going to a very popular preschool!

And on a personal note, here are some reflections on the day from ASoH founder, Joanne Roy Young:

So ends another gorgeous day in South Africa. I am reminded daily of how very fortunate I am. I am also so happy to be in this beautiful country; spending enlightening moments with people like the wheelbarrow ladies today. Thank you ladies for sharing a few minutes and allowing me to experience your joy in an otherwise tedious task.