Update On Safer Kitchens & Healthier Helpers

A big thank you to all who have donated to our holiday campaign, your donations are helping us replace open fire stoves with propane stoves at our partner schools.

Our goal is to replace open fire stoves with clean and easy to use stoves to help improve the working conditions for the dedicated lunch moms at our partner schools. These amazing women wake up at four in the morning, walk a long distance to school, harvest wood, and start a fire, which needs to burn throughout the morning to cook the daily pap meal (maize). By improving the conditions of their kitchens we can help these women spend more time with their family and less time hauling wood, standing over large fires, and inhaling smoke. 

Trygive has been working very hard to get the new propane stoves at Beretta Primary School ready for the lunch moms. Trygive spent time with the lunch moms at Beretta Primary School to learn more about what changes they would like made to their kitchens. He also visited one of the local schools that have transitioned their kitchens from wood burning stoves to propane stoves. Trygive interacted with the lunch moms at this school and learned about the setup they have for their stoves. What sets these stoves apart from a simple propane stovetop is that the propane has a hookup that connects to several stoves that can accommodate large pots. The propane hookup has an easy turn on and off and is safer than controlling the tanks directly. 

We are excited to see Beretta’s lunch moms use these stoves and implement the stoves at more of our partner schools. Stay tuned for more updates on our kitchen improvements!