March 22nd is World Water Day!

Help us in celebrating World Water Day by supporting our ‘Drop In The Bucket’ program

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March 22nd is World Water Day! Help us in celebrating World Water Day by supporting our ‘Drop In The Bucket’ program and our participating US schools in their initiatives in raising funds for two schools in rural South Africa. The goal of our ‘Drop In The Bucket’ program is to teach learners in the US about water conservation and the World Water Crisis while they raise funds for South African schools in need. Our ‘Drop In The Bucket’ program has expanded greatly over the years. This year we have five schools participating across the U.S. Our ‘Drop In The Bucket’ schools are raising funds for Tshokolo Primary School and Morutsi Primary School this year. These schools are in need of boreholes to support the health, hygiene, and education of these young learners.

Celebrate World Water Day with us and help Happy Valley Elementary School, Bridle Path Elementary School, Woodland Elementary School, Oak Ridge Elementary School and Hayesville Elementary School with their goal of raising enough funds to drill at these two schools.

Tshokolo Primary School has 320 learners and Morutsi Primary School has 786 learners. By drilling water wells at these two schools, we are supporting the health, happiness, and education of learners at these schools. By providing clean safe drinking water to these schools we can begin to provide further support including nutritional programs, improved kitchens, and programs for female learners. Once boreholes are installed, our Permaculture Educator, Trygive Nxumalo will work with the schools to start gardens to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for school lunches. He will teach learners and staff about permaculture and how to maintain their gardens. 

We have drilled boreholes at 43 partner schools and Tshokolo Primary School and Mortusi Primary School will make 45!

Lack of access to clean water results in
the spread of disease, increased absenteeism
from illness, and poor nutrition.

What is World Water Day?

World Water Day is observed worldwide each year on March 22nd. It is an opportunity to focus attention on a natural resource that all our lives and livelihoods depend on. It is a day on which to be inspired and take action to make a difference for those who can’t take water for granted. For A Spring of Hope, it means drawing attention to, and asking donations for, the basic fundamentals of our program, boreholes, permaculture, and sanitation.


The core of our program is to provide water to underprivileged schools. When schools get a reliable source of fresh, clean water the health of students improves and economic development can begin.
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Once schools have water, they can begin to cultivate gardens.  We provide them with seeds and irrigation equipment, and school staff learn how to maximize resources through our permaculture program.
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Most rural schools only have crude, unhygienic pit toilets which spread disease. Because water tends to be scarce in this region, environmentally-friendly waterless toilets are the best solution.
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