Saile Primary School

Thank you for joining the A Drop in the Bucket program! Here you will find background information on the school for which you will be fund-raising. Saile Primary has over 550 learners. The school is located in a deep rural community of Bushbuckridge and was started in 1979. The school still lacks a reliable source of water and basic, vital infrastructure. Your donations will be applied towards these needs, and will help make this a more vibrant learning center. Imagine for a moment, attending a school at which you can’t easily get a drink of water at the fountain, that doesn’t have proper toilets or a modern kitchen!

Water at this school is necessary to keep attendance rates high and the school operating at its fullest potential. With a reliable source of drinking water and improved sanitation students can focus on their studies and school activities. The learners at Saile are excited to know that their counterparts in the United States are interested in helping bring water to their school.


They do not have reliable source of clean water and currently rely on water brought to them once a week from a local river.

Sanitation facilities consist of unhygenic pit toilets.

They have a small garden, but struggle to grow enough to provide enough for their food programme.




The school needs a reliable source of clean water. Using untreated water from a local river exposes students and staff to a wide range of health risks.

They have a garden, but lack of adequate water directly impacts their ability to grow vegetables and cook nutritious meals for the learners.

The use of pit toilets exposes both learners and staff to diseases and small children are in danger of falling in and drowning. Hand-washing stations would also improve hygiene.


Drill a borehole and provide necessary infrastructure for handwashing, cooking, and irrigation.

Improve the current garden using permaculture methods and provide instruction on sustainable gardening techniques. Orphans and vulnerable students are then fortified with the knowledge and resources to start their own gardens at home to help feed their families and sell the surplus. The school will also benefit economically from a more bountiful harvest.

Install waterless Enviro Loo toilets, build hand-washing stations, and demolish old, unhealthy pit toilets.