Ntsoelemolodi Primary School

Thank you for joining the A Drop in the Bucket program! Here you will find background information on the school for which you will be fund-raising. Ntsoelemolodi Primary has 204 learners: 103 boys and 101 girls. The school is located in a poor rural area where there are many orphans, vulnerable children, and child-headed households. The school still lacks a reliable source of water and basic, vital infrastructure. Your donations will be applied towards these needs, and will help make this a more vibrant learning center. Imagine for a moment, attending a school at which you can’t easily get a drink of water at the fountain, or that doesn’t have a modern kitchen! The learners at Ntsoelemolodi are excited to know that their counterparts in the United States are interested in helping bring water to their school.


There is currently no water at the school and they are relying on a nearby stream for cooking, hand-washing, and drinking. The learners use wheelbarrows to help bring water to the school and the principal goes daily to the stream to bring back water.

Sanitation facilities currently consists of pit toilets.

Their kitchen is an open cinder block structure and they cook over an open fire.

They have made efforts to plant a garden, but lack of irrigation prevents them from growing anything during the long dry season.



A borehole is needed to secure a sustainable water supply.

This school would also benefit from environmentally sustainable sanitation to improve learning conditions and reduce the spread of disease.

They need a kitchen building that has a storage room and is suitable for hygienic cooking.



Drill a borehole and supply the necessary piping and equipment needed for hand washing, cooking, drinking and irrigating the garden.

Build a proper kitchen structure that is more functional and hygienic.

Develop the garden as a year round permaculture vegetable and fruit garden once there is water to irrigate.

Construct Enviro Loos for the learners and staff.