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Consider donating to our sanitation initiative and give the gift of better health!

Ditching Pit Toilets

4.5 billion people around the world do not have safely managed sanitation facilities and 2.3 billion people do not have basic sanitation services (WHO 2017).

Toilets are not something we usually think about our even appreciate but for billions of people around the world the lack of access to proper sanitation facilities affects their daily life. Poor sanitation facilities leads to polluted water sources, the spread of diseases, and disempowers communities.

About 80% of schools in Limpopo province rely on pit latrine toilets. The health risks of using pit toilets are huge. Young learners are susceptible of falling in and drowning due to the lack of proper seats. Diseases quickly spread and learners are often sick.  Most toilets do not have locks or even doors, and female students have reported skipping school during their menstrual cycle due to feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed using pit toilets while managing their menstruation.

Improving sanitation at schools brings dignity back to learners and ensures that students have a clean and healthy environment to learn and grow.

When we invest in WASH+ (water, sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition) at schools in rural South Africa we teach students that they matter and that their health and education matters.

Tell Your Friends To Give A Crap This Holiday Season! Consider donating to our sanitation initiative this month and give the gift of better health!

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Introducing Enviro Loos

Enviro Loos are our solution to the sanitation need at our partner schools. Enviro Loos are a dry or waterless sanitation system that breaks down waste naturally!

  • This means no water is required for its operations
  • The Enviro Loo is a permanent installation
  • The design of the Enviro Loo is such that it is a self-contained, all in one unit
  • The Enviro Loo uses no chemicals and has zero environmental impact
  • There are three factors to its 100% environmentally friendly credentials
  • The Enviro Loo enables the conservation of precious water resources as it uses zero water for its operation
  • The Enviro Loo has a sealed unit that captures and treats waste through the natural processes of dehydration and evaporation with no contact or contamination of the waste to either the immediate or surrounding environment
  • The Enviro Loo requires no electricity or power source to function, it utilizes wind and sun